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J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 31 15:41:30 PDT 2019

Don't think I sent message to list yet about selling my final Type III...a '71 Squareback...so I may not continue much longer on this list now that I have a "normal" car.
But, for now, I have a lot of parts for '70, to '73 Squarebacks...plus some light lenses and whatnot for bus and beetle.   Parts include windows, doors, hatch, hubs, torsion bars, ball joints, some cables, engine tin, engine parts, generators, fuel pumps, light lenses and assemblies, steering wheel(s), pedal assemblies, relays and other electrical things, seat belts, crankshafts, flywheels, brake cylinders, heads, distributors, wires, chrome trim and emblems, a transmission, clocks, odometers, some antennas, and well....you name it.  

Saw parts prices at The Samba but I expect to go half or lower than that...or even free for some electrical things that I don't know how to test.   Also, I don't plan to clean things...thinking that some oil or grease protects surfaces.

I'm in Philadelphia PA...where there aren't many Vintage VWs around in need of  parts...so...hoping some Californians or other will bring their truck along if they plan to tour Philadelphia's historic sites.  Or rent a one-way truck here.

Jim Adney advised about what old parts might as well be sold for salvage.  Some work has been done on that...but it would be good to hear from potential lucky recipients of this windfall collection....or advice about potential takers.   I'd hate to waste anything...the curse of a hoarder.
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