[T3] Fuel leak on type 3 F.I. Fastback

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Most of the time, when I come across a rusted thru line, it's because the 
vehicle has been sitting for a while. Sometimes this is followed up with a 
rusted out fuel tank, or is very rusty inside the tank. I've seen it on a type 
3 (my old 71 Notch), and a VW Thing before, along with a bug. It's not very 
common, but it does happen. I've seen it happen more commonly on 
domestic vehicles though, as their lines are more exposed.

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I've never seen one of those lines rust thru, but I don't deny its possibility. 
I've worked on one car where someone had replaced the return line with an 
external copper tube, but we eventually determined that the OE line was fine 
and restored it to service.  

It would be helpful to remove the gas gauge sender and look inside the tank. 
If the tank is clean, the line won't be rusty, unless there has been water 
inside the car and the line rusted from the outside, which I suspect is 
unlikely, because I'm willing to bet that this line does not lay on the bottom of 
the tunnel.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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