[T3] On my 73 square , what should I look at on the breather with a PCV?

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 16:06:52 PDT 2019

 Today I looked for exhaust leaks and didn't see any soot on any of the 4
head exhaust ports and all the nuts were tight . It's not the stock system
it's an EMPI not so quiet pack. There was no gasket on the 3 bolt flange to
the muffler and I got one from ISP west and installed it.

 The breather box was loose on the stand so I removed the cap and the large
washer with the small hole and the sleeve so I could tighten the threaded
two slot that secures the breather to the stand and cleaned the washer and
sleeve it had old oil crust built up on it.It still has the gasket between
the breather and stand . The only other way would be to remove it and soak
it in something to really clean the breather box out.
 I replaced the PCV to IAD hose and I got new hose from the oil bath the
the head ports just have not replaced it yet. I didn't see any oil in them
near the oil, bath ports yet they are old and may not be sealing well on
the heads even though they are still attached .

 I cleaned the PCV once long ago and read you can use electronic cleaner
which I got yet have not done it yet.

 Any suggestions on what I should look for and do? I don't think it's
affecting the fuel to air mix yet anything is possible. I know the PCV has
been NLA for a good long time.

 I still have no idea why the air temp sensor plugged in makes it run worse
and pop out the exhaust when connected engine hot raising the RPM then
letting off the gas  that's why I was checking for any exhaust leaks.

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