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Tue Sep 10 09:00:10 PDT 2019

Well, since everything I am doing to the Notchback is still VW parts, I
will still consider this a 'stock' upgrade.
I am picking up a built 2.8 liter turbo 12 valve VR6, with ECU, wiring
harness and most of the other needed items this Saturday.  With 6psi of
pressure, the engine made 241hp at the flywheel.  With 18psi of pressure,
the engine should make between 360 and 425hp.  But, since it is all VW
parts, it is still stock ;)
I'm going to run a variable boost controller and for cruising and such, it
will be just at 5psi.
I'm figuring this, and the squareback, will be the last of my Type 3
projects.  So, the plan is to make them exactly what I want for the next X
amount of years.

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