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William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 14:54:27 PDT 2019

Well , tightened up all the fuel injector plugs and sprayed electronic
cleaner . Did the same with the TPS and  trigger points and of course TS1 .
The only change, ( it didn't pop out the exhaust letting up on the gas
pedal or using the throttle lever.) It still had the miss and unsteady idle
speed, goes up and down about 200 RPM just idling and bringing up the RPM
still struggles. I'm sure the 200 RPM up down idle (since it's consistent)
alters the vacuum signature to the MPS and timing unless the mechanical
advance is probably not advancing at that RPM.
 The 200 RPM up/down is not like hunting it's not aggressive. It follows
the miss. I don't see how the trigger points would cause this doesn't do it
with TS1 unplugged even at the same RPM and it never misses  driving it at
any speed. When I did all the work and had the injectors out I didn't see
any crud in the little filter screen on the inlet of any of the injectors.

 I cannot find any issue with TS1 it self . As before the instant I unplug
TS1 all the above clear instantly. I didn't try the 72 ECU didn't see the

 I read on Samba all the white FI wires have numbers and they do yet the
ones on the TPS are all legible and only #9 and #20 are correct the other
three are 30,36 & 37 in order , I was told one could use these numbers to
trace circuits I don't think so at least not in the Bentley.

 It seems to boil down to the ECU TS1 internal circuit. I would say it's
slightly lean because of the reaction of unplugging TS1 yet I've read it
could be either on Samba. If it's not the ECU then it's possible the MPS is
set to lean, yet two of them acted the same way even though one was a 0 280
100 101 / 311 906 051D in the car now 0 280 100 116/ 311 906 051E.  I
replaced the plugs and all the old ones looked exactly the same. The
insulators  were white and the ground arm was dry black sooty as were the
ends of the threads. This could be because of short trips and a lot of stop
and go driving.
 I don't have much of a sense of smell I can smell gas I don't smell
anything near the exhaust to tell.

On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 10:09 AM William Jahn <willjahn975 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I did notice that the injectors to the ECU connector when checking that
> some read higher , if I pushed down on them and wiggled them the readings
> would change 1 read 4 ohm moving it it dropped . I tightened then not long
> ago yet had them off and on twice while doing the runners so I need to
> tighten them again.
>  One other thing stood out, I used an old injector to have one injector
> male end to test the fit of all the females and noticed while checking TS1
> to the ECU connector I plugging it in TS1 to connect my meter and both were
> a very loose fit. I missed this and have ben pulling the connector of TS1
> quite a few times. I suspect if I tighten both of them this might fix the
> TS1 acting up. My thinking is if these are not tight then TS1 readings may
> be all over the place due to how loose they are. I kept checking the CSV
> connector and it's tight it was not until yesterday that I actually found
> the TS1 plug connectors were so loose.
>  I'm going to tighten the injector terminals again today and the TPS since
> I had it unplugged several times then tighten TS1 connectors and see what
> this does.
>  I doubt any connections that are loose are going to make it run well and
> the overall affect of several loose connections just compounds the issue
> making it run the way it does. A loose one here another there all adds up.
> On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 2:37 PM Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:
>> On 17 Sep 2019 at 10:33, William Jahn wrote:
>> >  I do find quite a bit of varied info when reading different D-jet
>> sites.
>> Yes, and there's a lot of it that's misleading.
>> > Then I need to check the wires from the ECU to each component just to
>> > make certain TS1's 2 leads are not crossed or grounded with any one of
>> > the other leads.
>> There's certainly no problem with checking this, but I seriously doubt if
>> there's short somewhere inside your harness. I've never heard of that
>> happening, although it's possible out at the ends, where the individual
>> wires
>> are exposed and where then tend to get abused.
>> > Yet since the one you have runs rich it may not have anything to do
>> > with TS1 or TS2 internal ECU it could be any of the circuits and there
>> > seem to be quite a few and
>> That's exactly right. It could be any of those circuits and the temp
>> sensor
>> circuits could be working properly.
>> >  I wanted to ask. I know you removed the EGR and plugged the ports,
>> > did you remove the EGR relay? I ask because the Bosch tester does not
>> > seem to look at that circuit.
>> I capped the exhaust port on the heat exchanger and the intake port on
>> the
>> EGR valve, but I left everything else in place. My relay is still there
>> and I can
>> still hear the EGR valve click when I turn the key ON, but nothing is
>> getting
>> thru it. I did it this way because I didn't want to bother with sorting
>> out all the
>> wiring and worrying about what might short out to what. It's been fine
>> this
>> way, although it leaves the engine compartment a bit more crowded than
>> I'd
>> like.
>> One of the actual reasons I did it this way was that the original EGR
>> filter
>> was still there when I got the car, but it was falling apart. I thought
>> that
>> someday I could redo the failed silver-soldered joint and reinstall it,
>> just to
>> see if that was feasible. I still think it would be interesting to
>> reinstall it and
>> see if I notice any change in performance.
>> If you removed the relay, what did you do with the loose wires?
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