[T3] Anyone seen this one?

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Now THAT makes sense!
was there a different HP rating that year between the Auto and the Manual?

The driver in the video downplayed the Automatic and Ill admit, they are
boring compared to a standard but I must say, in top gear, on a hill, flat
out, I was neck in neck with Jim on one caravan between his auto and my
manuual 71's.


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>> According to the owner's manual in the Technical Archives on the Samba,
>> the 73 had a rated 52 bhp.  I am guessing due to the emissions standards
>> and de-tuning.
>> Later,
>> John Jaranson
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The lower compression was part of it. The other reason it's lower is in the
US they start making most companies take the HP from the wheels instead of
the crank. If you notice most manufacturers had a big HP drop from 71 to 72

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