[T3] 2056 bearings

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Tue Aug 25 20:11:55 PDT 2020


Well the silverline bearings arrived, unfortunately the box opened up a bit
and the #4 rattled around inside the #2 shells and they are rather marked
up.  The other 3 are OK though and I fitted them in the case and torqued it
and they are about .003 or about a thousandth less than the Repco, better,
but not great.  The #2 shells measured about the same as the repco

So I can use the Repco there, and they need to be fitted anyway.


One thing of note, with every #2 ive used in a while now, they all need to
be shaved just a bit so the case will close around them, I think this is the
main reason why build #3 had much better oil pressure than the previous
builds, I fitted the #2 shells with that build and did not do that to the
first 2 iterations.


so with them all fitted and torqued I have .0035 on 1 and 3 and .0025 on 2,
maybe a thousandth on the loose side but thats better than two!  Should get
the case assembled 

tomorrow and hopefully there arent any other issues.  so far so good, 






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