[T3] Closing VW Junk yard

Daniel Keith Du Vall dduvall at 1peter4-10.org
Thu Dec 31 17:21:05 PST 2020

Hey y'all,
                If there are any of you who might be close to this place in this YouTube video you might want to go check it out seems they are closing it and there is allot of stuff there for all makes. A few typ3 there in the back and I am sure in the storage areas also far as parts.

Bug Acres Co.
HWY. 190 Lampasas TX


Please post this where ever you can think of I would so hate to see all this get scraped and crushed.
If I had the funds and it was not 13+ hours from here I could use a few thing there I am sure.
Maybe there is some one out there who can save this stuff if the word gets out.

Daniel Du Vall
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