[T3] New to me 1965 notcback, have questions

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Nice looking car, and it appears mostly complete. Did you buy this from Joel? 
As for brake hoses, the rear are the same for swing axle cars. It's the IRS cars that use 2 different hoses. 
Yes, upgrade to a dual circuit master cylinder, especially if you plan on doing a disc conversion in the future.All stock type 3 rims from 61-73 are +46 offset.I hope this helps.Bob 65 Notch S w/factory sunroof
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I got a new project! a 1965 Notchback. This is the oldest car that i own, and i will have a lot of questions.
My Other type 3 is my neglected 68 fasty that i took to the 1st invasion, so i have been a long time lurker here.

Here it is on a trailer coming to its new home :  https://imgur.com/gallery/4FpFeb6 It has been sitting , last registered in 1989.  My first order of business is going to be redoing the brakes, then engine & suspension.

What rubber brake lines should i order?  I was looking at ispwest but i couldn't find the exact ones i need.

Are the rear ones the same through out the years 64-68 (swing-axle) ? What about the fronts ?

Can I or should I upgrade to a dual circuit Master cylinder ? In the future i'm going to be putting wide 5 disks up front.

Where can i find the backspacing info for wheels? I want to get some custom widened stealies but the few people who make them , make them for T1s.


Eric 68bluefasty at outlook.com
68 Fasty on jackstands
65 Notch on 30 yr old rubber tires

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