[T3] New to me 1965 notcback, have questions

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
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Sweet!  Oh to live in a state where they dont salt the roads  :-)


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I got a new project! a 1965 Notchback. This is the oldest car that i own,
and i will have a lot of questions.
My Other type 3 is my neglected 68 fasty that i took to the 1st invasion, so
i have been a long time lurker here.

Here it is on a trailer coming to its new home :
https://imgur.com/gallery/4FpFeb6 It has been sitting , last registered in
1989.  My first order of business is going to be redoing the brakes, then
engine & suspension.

What rubber brake lines should i order?  I was looking at ispwest but i
couldn't find the exact ones i need.

Are the rear ones the same through out the years 64-68 (swing-axle) ? What
about the fronts ?

Can I or should I upgrade to a dual circuit Master cylinder ? In the future
i'm going to be putting wide 5 disks up front.

Where can i find the backspacing info for wheels? I want to get some custom
widened stealies but the few people who make them , make them for T1s.


Eric 68bluefasty at outlook.com
68 Fasty on jackstands
65 Notch on 30 yr old rubber tires

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