[T3] Jill's Ghia and 2020 Invasion Prep

John Jaranson john at carartbyjohn.com
Sun Mar 22 13:00:25 PDT 2020

Time for a little update on Jill's 67 Type 34 Ghia...

I have a few minor things to do to get the car ready for the drive to California for the 2020 Invasion and a couple of more major ones.  First the small stuff...

Rebuild the sunvisors
Add a better cup holder
Fix the passenger side window regulator
Fix the window channel trim on the driver's side
and give it a general once over and tune-up

First major thing to do is replace the windshield after it took some major damage from road debris a year and a half ago.  I have the windshield thanks to the group buy several years ago and I have the new seal thanks to ISP West.  Will do this one once the weather warms up a bit.

The second major task is to add A/C! I told Jill I would do this for her before the next long hot drive to an Invasion. <G>  So to that end, I have sourced all the parts and most of them are here...


Mostly Vintage Air components sourced through Summit Racing.  This is not going to be update of a dealer-installed vintage system.  This is going to be a full modern system including an electric compressor that will be mounted up front in the spare tire well along with the condenser.  Will make the hose routing much shorter and simpler, plus far less modifications to the engine and cooling systems.  It will require an upgrade to a 155 Amp alternator, but I was likely to need to make the upgrade to alternator either way I went.

I will be sure to post pictures as I go through the install.  If it all goes well, I may do the same to Sophy in the future.

John Jaranson

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