[T3] Wiring Harness Thoughts

Jeff C knowonelse at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 20:55:35 PDT 2020

Many years ago the wiring under my dash started to burn, so I put it out
using a dry chemical fire extinguisher.
Thar stuff is nasty and corrodes bare metal.
Over time I have been trying to clean connectors and such at every
The turn signals sometimes work, sometimes don't.
I installed the rebuilt speedometer a couple of weeks ago (Thanks Jim) and
afterwards, some lights work, some don't.
I tested the connections at the fuse block and I could get some lights to
work by removing and re-connecting the wire ends, but not all.
This leads me to believe that the residual corrosive dry chemical powder is
still having an affect on the connections.
So, I have been fighting the wiring for a long time and consistently
losing. I was going to go for a ride a couple of days ago, but wasn't sure
that the lights were properly working.
Is it time for a full harness replacement?
They are available, expensive, but I just can't depend on all of the
electrics to stay working. I replaced a couple of harnesses on my old
non-VW truck and it has made it consistently reliable.
For those who have replaced one, please share your experiences.
Jeff '67 Squareback
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