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Max Welton max.welton.2k at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 14:14:36 PDT 2020

To be honest Daniel I just brought a manifold, my injectors, some rail
material, aluminum stock and a mockup in wood to Randy Bowen along with my
face to explain the idea and he cut it all to fit. All the skill was in
Randy Bowen's hands.

I removed the plastic pintel caps from my injectors so the lower
oring would sit in the manifold just the way the stock VW injectors did.
This means that a small amount of downward force on the injector is needed
and that dictates the depth of the bores in the rail and the height of the

The bore centers in the rail are just whatever the spacing on the manifold
is. The depth needs to be enough to place the upper oring in the rail in
order to seal. And the ID of the bore is just a little less than the
oring OD so there's some compression.

Most of this is very much driven by the dimensions of the injectors you
plan to use. Mine were spec for a 1st gen Ford Focus making about 110 HP
and having a lower oring that would fit nicely into the manifold just like
the stock inj does. After that it was trial and error until it worked.

The key was to pick an injector that would fit into the manifold and that
was in the right general range for flow.

If you want I could take one apart and give you some measurements in a few
weeks. But unless you are using the same injectors I wouldn't trust them.

As good as Mario is I would still make friends with someone I could stand
in front of. Randy has helped me with all sorts of crazy ideas. Like my
bottom-mounted in-tank FI pump. ;-)


> Do you by chance have the measurements you used to create those?
> Asking because I might be able to get (The DubShop) to build me a set he
> does machine work as well ass all things VW FI.
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