[T3] FOUND it!

Brion Sabbatino brionsab at msn.com
Fri Oct 16 18:47:49 PDT 2020

One can only imagine attempting to troubleshoot  the older build. The combination of the bent crank and the misfire/ bucking issue would be an impossible situation.

Sorry about that rear seal. One of those "Really WTH" moments. Feel your pain.

At least your in the final driving stretch.

Brion S.
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Put some miles on the new engine last weekend and it put some smiles on ME!
and noticed that the ONLY time it would miss, was over 1200 and under 2500
RPM, Hmmm. what would

Do THAT? So I swapped out the least likely problem, the control unit, and
Walla!  Its FIXED!

Running perfectly now over the whole curve, may tweak the mixture a bit more
once im on the highway for long trips next year but for now its fine, and
SEEMS to be running a lot cooler than

Previous builds and no hint of the bucking issues ive had in the past.  Ill
have to open the bad brain up and see if I can find anything but it was
either the unit or the connection to it.

Charging system SEEMS to be better now too, it HAD a new Bosch alternator on
it but that was swapped out for a generic rebuild when everything was apart
and the Bosch did have a lot more end play than the new one but again, when
im on the road for an extended time Ill do an apples to apples comparison.

Now to spend my mental angst on other things, like the front main seal that
seems to be seeping a bit.  Front main seals seem to be a problem with Type
4's and even though I re-used the previous seal as it was NOT leaking,
Victor Reinz oil EVERYWHERE.


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