[T3] 73 Type 3 ign switch.

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 13:47:57 PDT 2020

For some odd reason in the last month I prime the system with my switch and
usually with the key one push the gas pedal down once and it would start
right up.

 I replaced the ign switch for the electrical part about a bit over a year
ago because it was working yet the key was hard to turn . The switch was
original and cracked .

It still works fine, easy to turn and snaps right back . Now it starts yet
it takes more than one pump of the pedal FI version and many times it tries
to stall unless I feather the gas pedal a bit.

 Once it starts it runs the same. Today for the first time after a short
trip I turned the key and it quit then the second try it started . I
noticed if I back the key off the run position just a bit it shuts down. I
never tested that before yet it seems to work fine just releasing it , it's
only when I fiddle by turning it to the off position it does not need to be
moved much , I don't know how much is normal.

 I hear the pump run when I turn it on  and the starter always engages. I
always  hear the pump run with the prime switch as well when I cycle the
key. zit always runs and does not quit by itself . The only issue is when I
first start it and today was the first time it quit after driving it then
the second turn it fired right up.

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