[T3] Synthetic Oil?

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Tue Oct 27 17:45:50 PDT 2020

Yea, maintenance is critical and it often gets neglected with Synth, and
especially important without an oil filter.

I do use synth in the 2056 because the designer reccomended it, the Joe
Gibbs was extensively tested with it and im very happy with that but with
the T3 stocker I got 165K out of it, nothing touched but the heads. with
nothing but dino oil, BUT... after watching the video its good to point out
that is 80% highway miles on that engine and yea, short trips are killers
and require much more maintenance than long highway hauls.


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Just thought I would chime in on this Syn Oil thing y'all got going on here.
There is a YouTube channel I watch and one episode they started talking
about the syn oil, now while totally unrelated to our engines I found his
evaluation from experience interesting.


Starts at 6:00 at 7:14 later in another video they correct themselves and
state the crusty was also the breather side this discussion runs to 7:31

This next video is a follow up on this and several comments made and about
other things.
I found some info interesting about the 10, 20, and 30 over for rebuilding
engines something I honestly never considered.  


Interesting on the comment about wear and syn oil also.
Be interesting to see what y'all think.

Daniel Du Vall
Huntsville, Alabama

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