[T3] 2056 progress, or lack thereof

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Wed Sep 2 16:34:05 PDT 2020





Well, I forget where I left off here but when torqueing the case the crank
got tight so it turns out its BENT!  This is my spare crank that the local

Machine shop was supposed to check out, and after waiting another 3 weeks
from when it was supposed to be done, I don't think they did ANYTHING to it!

Its .004 off in the center main!


So fortunately Jorge at EMW is pretty quick on taking care of me and Ive got
an OEM .10/.10 crank coming, but I lost another week documenting the bent
crank and assembling it,

Now a week in shipping so were up to 5 lost weeks of me sitting around here
unable to work on any  projects with pieces of engine everywhere!  Labor day
next week, leaves me LITTLE TIME to document and assemble the new crank, get
another set of bearings fit and get all this together and back in the car
before Winter cold sets in.  Nothing else better go wrong!


Unbelievable the number of disasters that have come thru on this build. and
it sure exemplifies the need to CHECK EVERYTHING...  YOURSELF!







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