[T3] Inner lower bushing dimensions?

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Thu Sep 3 12:55:15 PDT 2020

On 3 Sep 2020 at 9:14, Max Welton wrote:

> Thank you Jacob and Jim. You've cleared it up for me.
> The part you picture is still in place on my beam. The part in my hand is
> not a worn down version of it.
> https://www.thesamba.com/vw/gallery/pix/2084455.jpg

I'm not so sure. The part in this photo has 6 grooves in it, while the actual 
thrust bearing has 4. The thrust bearing must be removed to R/R the needle 
bearing. I'm thinking that what's showing in your photo is the metal end of 
part of the welded beam assembly.The thrust bearing is silver/grey plastic 
with a possible metal skeleton, possibly the perforated part that started this 

It should be easy to tell whether that perforated metal ring was part of a 
thrust bearing or part of a lower seal. If it's too small to slide all the way onto 
a lower arm, then it's the remains of a thrust bearing.

> You can see it also in the original picture I posted that led you guys
> astray
> https://www.thesamba.com/vw/gallery/pix/2084711.jpg

Yes, this shows the same parts even more clearly. I don't think there's a 
thrust bearing in that photo.

> Just to set things straight, ISP shows 131405129 for the lower and
> 311405129A for the upper.

I finally found the thrust bearing in ISPs exploded view. It's item #8, which 
they show as Sold Out. Maybe they will get more....

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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