[T3] up and Running!

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Tue Sep 29 17:36:20 PDT 2020



The 2056 started right up without issue and WOW is it quiet compared to any
of the previous builds!  NO valve train noise or

Piston slap!  So far. I have about 60 miles on it now.  Mechanically it
seems fine, I have one oil leak at the head where one of the pushrod tube

O rings didn't seat properly for some unknown reason, the T4's use O rings
and slide in place rather than compress seals on the T3's  I can fix that

Rather easily.   The engine did have a miss in it under light power though
and that's been rather a mystery.


Sometimes its run fine, other times it spikes lean and chokes or has an
occasional miss under light to moderate load with no lean AFR signal, so 

My question is, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Its is missing or
choking BECAUSE it gets lean, or is the misfire causing a spike lean in the
AFR numbers?
im starting to think the latter.


Another strange anomaly too.  I switched off the Mark 10 to see if there was
a difference that might indicate an ignition issue, that really didn't
change things much

But when I switched it back on, it didn't want to start, until I switched if
off again. and once running if I switched to the electronic ignition it
would die..


Once it cooled down completely I started it up and switched over to the Mark
10 and ir kept running.   !!??

Ive left it on the kettering system for now to eliminate any involvement of
the Mark 10 with the original missing issue but Im starting to wonder

If I have a sticky injector?  I did have a leaker when I put it all back
together as it sat 3 months and that didn't surprise me (and it did seal
back up again)

But how common is a KNOWN sticky injector, one that sticks SHUT?


The problem seems to get better the more that I drive it or the warmer the
engine gets. I do have the mixture tweaked just a bit richer and after
driving it last night

And having it run perfectly even after some missing earlier in the day I set
the mixture back closer to the set point and it was missing again this
morning.  Drat!


Technically, there should be nothing different about this engine that would
require a mixture adjustment, and I had the new cylinders checked for the
same length as the AA's

That they replaced and the machine shop SAID they were identical. but this
is the same shop that didn't catch the bent crank. SO?  I did notice that I
had to loosen the valve adjusters

Just a bit to adjust the valves this time. maybe the compression ratio is
just a bit higher but how much would that change the mixture required. And
would it track differently?

It idles fine and under any significant load its smooth.


So I still have some details to work out but so long as its mechanically
fine I will eventually get the running worked out and back the way it should


Its SO nice to be behind the wheel again!  Its 50th Birthday is coming up in
just over a month. so it would be nice to have it all perfected by then, if
the weather holds out here.





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