[T3] 2022 Type 3 Invasion

John Jaranson john at carartbyjohn.com
Wed Apr 7 20:54:19 PDT 2021

Brian Fye and I appreciate all of the thoughtful feedback from everyone.  We have taken it all into consideration, along with the latest news from California and other states and the federal government, and have decided that the prudent thing to do is to postpone the Invasion yet again and hold it in 2022.   Nearly half of the planned Invaders responded that they would not be making the Invasion trip due to the risk.

This is an e-mail that I was really hoping I would not have to send, but it is the right thing to do considering everything.  We are all part of a wonderful family and community and I certainly do not want to do anything that would put any of us at undo risk.

Please continue to keep yourselves and family and friends safe.  Get vaccinated when you can and we will all have the opportunity to get together and enjoy each others company and the wonderful bits of German Type 3 engineering that have been bringing us together every other year for nearly 20 years.

We will get more details out to you all as soon as we can about 2022.

John Jaranson

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