[T3] Overflowing pdsit carb

mpitargue at gmail.com mpitargue at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 02:29:26 PST 2021

I just replaced my carbs from Brosols to German Solexes. I did this because one of the arms on top of the venturi that holds the bolt for the air cleaner wing nut to screw into was broken. Other than that, the Brosols ran pretty well. 

After replacement, the left carb is dripping fuel into the venturi while idling. Checked the needle valve and it works fine.  Float is not damaged. There’s really nothing to adjust except the .5 mm washer for the needle valve and that washer checks out ok. 

Saw a post in the Samba type 3 forum about the brass pin for the float is supposed to go above the retainer with the curled ends. (I have the brass pin below the retainer with curled ends.) This will lift the float I think. But the right side carb doesn’t have this drip issue. 

Took a look at the workshop manual and will check the brass tubes that point downwards into the venturi in the top half of the carb for proper height. 

Any words of wisdom on what to check/adjust to stop this drip problem?

For future reference, who sells rebuild kits and jets for these carbs?

Please advise,

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