[T3] Kettering Ignitions (Jim Adney)

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Mon Feb 8 14:22:19 PST 2021

On 8 Feb 2021 at 9:24, Phil Hof wrote:

> ITMm an old fart and still file my points as needed.  Do they even sell
> point files anymore? -Phil

Probably, but I've already got 2, which I use occasionally. The last use was 
on my 50 year old lawnmower. I bought it used over 40 years ago and have 
never needed to do anything to it other than sharpen the blade, replace the 
plug occasionally (which it probably didn't need) and clean the carb.

Last summer, in the middle of mowing our lawn, it ran rough for a few 
seconds then quickly died. It wouldn't restart and I found that it had no spark, 
so I began my virgin exploration into the world of magnetos: take the cooling 
shroud off, pop off the flywheel/fan, and find the points and condensor. 
Measured resistances and found the magneto resistance really low, less 
than 1 Ohm. Eventually decided that that was probably correct. Flywheel key 
was fine, so that was not the problem.  

Checked the points and saw that the fixed point was much larger diameter 
than the moving one, but the fixed point had a depression in it that was the 
exact size of the moving point. Filed it flat again, so I could reset the gap. 
(I've got the B&S manual.)  

Started right up and ran better than it had in years. I suspect those are the 
original points & condensor, probably 50 years old. Still plenty of life in them.

The repair cost me nothing in parts and maybe 2 hours of thinking about 
what to do, and then doing it.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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