[T3] Rear subframe

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Sun Feb 21 04:26:02 PST 2021

Hi Brian,
My Type 3 parts book gives those bolts as M8 x 15 (4 off)  and M10 x 20 (1
off).  Lock washers to mid 70; spring washers from then.
They are all DIN 933 but I don't know the grade, sorry.  I'm recovering from
a week in hospital so can't crawl under and see!
I hope those are the ones you meant, holding the plate.

Cheers, Dave
UK VW Type 3 &4 Club.

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Hey guys, trying to get ready to put my rear subframe into my car and
realised I don't have any of the bolts for the 5 mounting points. Consum one
give me size and hardness for these bolts? Are there any special washers
needed? Oh and length would publicly be good to .
Thank you very much and I hope you all complish something type 3 related
today to.
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