[T3] Fuel Pump Relay - 69 Fastback

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Sun Jul 11 21:18:43 PDT 2021

On 11 Jul 2021 at 17:07, William Jahn wrote:

> Take the pump relay connector off and remove 85 from the connector . Then
> ground the relay pin . DO NOT ground the wire , if you do it will kill the
> ECU . If you want you can cut the wire don't let the end running to the
> ECU touch any ground . strip that wire at the pump relay end and use a
> jumper to ground it .

Please don't do any of this. Waste of your time and possibly damaging to 
your parts.

Just jumper 87 to 30, red to red, on the relay.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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