[T3] ‘62 Notch glimpsed in Hidden Figures film.

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Mon Jun 21 04:09:49 PDT 2021

Good movie, but lots of errors with cars. 

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> We have just been watching a film about the lead up to John GlennTMs
> Freedom 7 flight, and the role played by Katherine Johnson and other
> American-African women working on the mathematics of orbits.  ThereTMs a
> Gulf blue Notch parked towards the end of the film, while John Glenn is
> preparing to return from orbit. ItTMs so unexpected, and has a foreign
> front number plate, so probably not very accurate, but fun to see anyway,
> and correct for age. The film was made in 2016, and does highlight social
> differences that existed back then, and still do to an extent today. 

What a terrific film. I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in racial 
equity, math, engineering, or spaceflight. I'm afraid I missed the Notch, so I 
may have to Netflix it again.  

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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