[T3] engine miss, solved?!

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Wed May 19 19:15:58 PDT 2021

Had time for the car today, took and made sure all the spark plug lines were
still good, no open resistor ends or arc throughs, good rotor, routed a
couple lines farther from

The FI cables.


Then I looked at the distributor, another problem I didn't mention is that
Im maxxed out for idle speed, so something wasn't quite right, and sure
enough, although I checked it 

Recently the retard side of the advance can had a vacuum leak and wasn't
working properly, It did move but it DID leak.  The hose was a bit loose on
the nipple too.

So out came the dizzy to put a new one on and then.


Ya HA!

I think it was Jim that mentioned that one screw for the can needs to be the
shorter one otherwise its awfully close to the points spring, which is hot.
I cant say for sure it was touching, or intermittently touching but that
does change with RPM, advance etc.  Ah HA!  Put the correct screw in, set
the timing, now I have a higher idle so I was able to adjust it down, it was
now running too RICH.  no more missing, So I leaned out the MPS to get the
AFR close to where it should be and It seems fine.


Cant celebrate till I have more miles on it but I did indeed find things
that were not right and its running better now, and more correctly now.
Still need to do some fine tuning on the highway for mixture but that should
be easy, so long as the miss stays away.


Cant say for sure it was that little too long screw, or routing of the plug
wires, or a connection I wiggled, but that screw was definitely asking for
trouble and a good example of why to just send your dizzy to Jim to have it
rebuilt, its those little tiny details that he remembers and that matter so





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