[T3] AN fittings

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sun May 30 07:55:43 PDT 2021

Well I finally got the couple little oil leaks worked out and the engine
clean when one of the cooler lines started gushing, well. a drop a second
and you wont

Get far that way.  I AiNt got confidence in those AN fittings anymore,
didn't like them when I put the hoses together and now.


There appear to be 3 kinds for the braided stainless hoses:

The one with the barbs

The one with the straight nipple

The one with the tapered nipple

All 3 have the collar that the hose goes in and screws over the nipple end.


The one that failed was the tapered nipple, it was fine till it let go, was
still tight but the oil was dripping out where the hose entered it.  I took
it apart and didn't find any cracks in 

The rubber hose, but some of the rubber had thread grooves in them.  The
Utube videos all say to insert the hose in the collar till it bottoms then
screw the whole thing on the nipple, and that's what I had done when I built
these.  and there was no evidence that the hose had backed out anyway.

Frustrating, and a real worry for me cause if this had not been the worst
Memorial day weekend weather in Albany (3 days of rain and at least 2 with
record low maximums) I would have driven up to the camp yesterday and run
all the oil out before I even knew I had a problem, and here I am trying to
keep my eyes OFF the gauges.


So I built up a new line with new hose, one end was the tapered nipple and
the other straight, not sure why they supplied 2 different kinds when I
bought the Setrab cooler but that's what I got.


At least I had plenty of time to fix it this weekend stuck inside, but the
bad weather may have saved a real disaster and another thing all the bad
weather will give us is the chance

To really remember why we celebrate memorial day, and have all the freedoms
to drive our VW's anywhere we want, a hail to all those who have served and
paid the ultimate price

To give us those freedoms.  Sometimes this is forgotten when the sun's out
and your on the beach with a beer.


Thank you to all our veterans and those who are serving!


So, Anyone else have or heard of failures with the AN fittings??




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