[T3] AN fittings

Hal Sullivan tristessa at tristessa.us
Mon May 31 10:23:01 PDT 2021

On 5/31/21 8:46 AM, Jim Adney wrote:
> I've always wondered how the Socketless line of hose/connectors worked.
> Good to hear that they are as good as advertized. I completely agree that
> AN style fittings are usually unnecessary for our use.

The Socketless line is either AN or JIC (dimensionally identical, looser 
tolerance), it just isn't the colorful anodized aluminum and shiny 
stainless steel braid that most people think of when they hear "AN 
hoses" because it's not marketed for the hot-rod/speed-racer world -- 
it's for people who go, not for show. ;-)  I used the FC332 series, 
rated for 250PSI operating and 1000PSI minimum burst, for external oil 
cooler lines on a couple of VW inline-4 engines in -08 size transmission 
cooler lines on a F*rd in -06, both of which have pressures well within 
what the hose is rated for.   Works very well as long as you cut the 
ends straight and get them fully seated on the fittings, and the latter 
is the PITA part.

I linked the catalog I did because it's specifically for the Socketless, 
which might be less overwhelming than the entire Eaton/Aeroquip catalog 
showing everything they make .. and they make a lot of stuff. LOL

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