[T3] Fuel pump isn't working.

Jeff Palmer w.jeff.palmer at icloud.com
Tue Nov 2 21:18:46 PDT 2021

Hi again - will have to go off my lousy memory as the car is now parked for the winter.  Going to snow here any day now - just above freezing.

When I turn the key to the ‘on’ position I did not hear a click from under the dash.  When I turn it to ’start’ and crank the motor, the relay under the dash clicks rapidly.  Multiple times per second.  I didn’t hear anything at the relay under the back seat (maybe it is silent?) but I will check the grounds next spring.  

I should also mention that headlights and all other lights work, but turn signals do not.  Can’t recall if brake lights work.


> On Nov 1, 2021, at 12:22 PM, Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:
> On 1 Nov 2021 at 8:21, Jeff Palmer wrote:
>> Hi everyone - 69 automatic notchback parked for the winter ... it hasn´t run in about 15 years but we got it going this summer.
>> The fuel pump seems to run intermittently and if I recall I had the same issue 15 years ago but my memory is fading.  The problem seems to be that sometimes the pump won´t run with the key in the `on´ position but will run when it is returned to the `off´ position.  A little bit of toggling will get it to operate properly - sometimes. It seems to be accompanied by a clicking under the dash - a relay of some sort?  Are these items related and if so is there an obvious solution?  New relay? Cleanin grounds? New fuel pump?  llof the above??
> This is a rather unusual set of symptoms, but they might be fixed in a couple 
> ways. It sounds like your pump might be okay, but may need some 
> "exercise" to get it back in shape. That's something that we can't fix unless 
> we can get it to run more often. I have two recommendations for that.
> First, there is a grounding problem in the '68-9 cars that affects the fuel 
> pump. I started making kits to fix this a few years ago. The kits are only $10 
> and include some wiring and complete instructions to fix the grounding 
> issue. Every '68-9 Type 3 would benefit from this.
> Second, I have two kinds of fuel pump priming switches, which can be used 
> to run the pumps independent of the FI controls. The cheap kit is $10 for a 
> simple pushbutton; the better kit is $30 for a 3 position (Off, Normal, (Prime)) 
> HD toggle switch. Both include mounting bracket, necessary wiring, and 
> complete instructions.
> Yes, there is a relay under the dash that controls the fuel pump. You might 
> start by listening when you turn the key ON. You should hear a relay click 
> when the key comes ON and a second click ~1 second later. If you don't 
> hear both clicks, the first thing to check is the relay under the back seat 
> behind the driver seat. That relay should have a ground wire hooked under 
> the screw that mounts the relay. Make SURE that screw is tight, so that wire 
> has a good ground.
> Check those things and get back to us.
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