[T3] 73 T-3 oil temp

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Thu Sep 9 20:53:12 PDT 2021

On 9 Sep 2021 at 17:04, Gary Forsmo wrote:

> 1.)  Do you buy15W-40 Diesel Oil from Fleet Farm or Farm & Fleet in the
> Madison, WI area? or other retailer?

I buy it from Farm & Fleet, usually the one near Verona, but the east side one has the same 

> 2.)  And where do you buy the Lucas additive?  Weaver?  Auto Zone?  What
> quantity of additive is added to each 5.3 (?) quarts of the diesel oil
> change?

Last time was from Weaver Auto Parts, but they just changed hands and I haven't checked 
to see if they still carry it. I don't recall the dosage, but it's on the bottle.

> Amsoil sells a case of 12 quarts for over $125.00.  It has what seems to
> have a substantial additive of Zinc.  But that's a high price to pay for 3
> gallons of oil, even though many of us only do one oil change per year.

This reminds me of a comment I read a few decades ago that some people were ready to 
buy designer anti-freeze. I suspect there's much less difference in oils than we've been 
conditioned to expect.

> BTW.
> Did I do this "trimming" of your previous message correctly?

Seemed okay to me. The ease depends immensely on the web site or software you use.

> I'm getting very weary (as you seem to be) of wading through volumes of
> copies of copies of copies of verbiage to get to a posted answer or comment.

Since most of the stuff I want to get rid of is at the bottom, just highlight and delete.
Works easy on a PC, on a phone it's probably a lot harder.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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