[T3] 73 type 3 square back.

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 19:40:06 PDT 2022

I replaced the oil filler boot , the only one who made one that was proper
was ISP West. I never had the filler neck off and the boot was rock hard
and spitting . I
 was amazed how much crud was around the metal fill tube and the boot where
it sits inside the fresh air area . There was only silicone or a very old
rubber gasket  between the filler neck back side of the flange and the
body. ISP sent a rubber gasket.

 I didn't have any solvent to clean the metal fill tube so I got off as
much as I could then had to use ajak and a toothbrush several times to get
the inside and outside of the fill tube clean then rinsed it well several
times then used compressed air to blow it out dry. I had an old pill bottle
over the tube to the engine so no crap could enter the engine. Scraped the
old gasket off to the body and cleaned inside and outside so the oil boot
and filler tube areas were clean and used an electrical cleaner for that.
Then vacuumed all that fell out of the fresh air area. The inside body end
of the oil fill boot from ISP West has three ridges to seal the metal fill
tube like the original . Doesn't seem to be a real tight fit. I suspect
it's good enough. Since the old gasket or silicone was not a  good seal any
oil I spilled ran down and collected dust on the metal fill tube. It's all
clean now. Can't say I care for the rubber gasket yet better then nothing.

 I also straightened the timing hole since at some point someone used it to
turn the engine over . I was able to get the hole flat and filed any burrs
off then 400 grit to polish the edge so it won't cut the new plug . I had a
rubber plug there for years so I bought one from ISP and it fit snug. I had
to use silicone spray to get it in and turned it several times so it seats
well and hopefully be able to remove it  .  Next is the fuel filler boot
also from ISP the old one is shot. I saved the metal ring that fits into
the fuel fill boot . Then the vent kit from Jim.

 Lots of work.

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