[T3] How's the trip going?

john carartbyjohn.com john at carartbyjohn.com
Thu Jun 16 05:57:26 PDT 2022

Hey Keith,

You need to join the social media future. Lots of pics on Facebook. <g>

Trip is good, but Sophy had some issues with the heat Monday going across Nebraska and into Cheyenne. She was down on some power and when I checked her out on Tuesday morning, I found 3 of her 4 exhaust valves were tight....so tight that I couldn't get and lash even with the adjusters all the way out. Interestingly, the only one that I could adjust still was #3.

We weighed our options and decided to rent a UHaul truck and tow dolly to complete the trip. We are currently in Lakeview, OR getting ready for the final cruise down to Crescent City.

Other than clipping a small mule deer that bolted out in front of us on the way down into Lakeview last night (no real damage to the rental truck thankfully, but I don't think the deer faired as well) the drive is going well.

Alex from ISP has a new set of cylinder heads with him for Sophy, so hopefully will back driving her by Friday night.

I will post some photos on the Samba and links here over the weekend.

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I need to live vicariously thru postings and pictures this year since I cant
make the invasion,

IM MAJORLY BUMMED this weekend!  So please post stories, picture, links,
etc. need my fix as

That's all im going to get this year!


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