[T3] Battery voltage with headlamps on ?

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Thu May 5 14:32:10 PDT 2022

Yesterday I was driving 3 miles home at night. At low RPM idle 800 RPM auto
trans in drive. The voltage would drop only at stops in gear most of the
time if I sat long enough it was 12 volts then once I began to move it read
near 14 volts. The last stop was a bit longer, had  the Turn signals on and
noticed they were flashing fast at that point the battery voltage was
around 11 volts . I placed it in neutral then they went back to normal .
Once I was moving it was fine. Checked the battery voltage this morning at
12.45 volts. It always starts fine  cranks fast . Drove it a few weeks back
with the same route headlamps on and it was fine.
 The generator and regulator are both fairly new , Battery about 5 years
old interstate which is not really new.

 I used to drive 7 miles back and forth to work at night on the way home
and never had this issue yet there was not as much traffic back in 2004 .

 I feel this may be normal, just not sure. What I mean is sitting in
traffic with the headlamps on will allow the system voltage to drop .

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