[T3] That Fuel pressure regulator

TOM MITORAJ rebs12 at prodigy.net
Mon May 16 17:31:53 PDT 2022

Could it be vibration of the lock nut causing it to loosen?Excessive heat causing a problem?

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On Monday, May 16, 2022, 8:17 PM, Keith Park <topnotch at nycap.rr.com> wrote:


Took a trip to PA last weekend, it's a 1 tank drive and I noticed on the way
down the fuel pressure was up at 31-32PSI, not the 29 it was calibrated to.

When I did a hot start, it would go up to the mid 30's or higher, then
wander down to 32 or so.  This is exactly what the last pressure regulator
did on a long trip about 25 years ago, and Jim dissected that one finding no


So I got down there, adjusted the pressure back, which is did, then raised
it a bit to get it back to 29 and it took almost the half turn or so It took
to get it down, then it was fine, 29, and stayed that way all the way home.


Without the gauge, I would never have known except for a little more hunting
around with little or no throttle on a coast, it does that when its running
rich, and of course. I lost 2MPG on the trip down, which hurt with gas so
obnoxiously high.


I still wonder what the mechanism is that's causing the issue?  And of
course, how long it will be before I have the issue again??




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