[T3] LEDs for directionals

Dennis Stiefel dad23boys at live.com
Fri May 20 21:15:25 PDT 2022

> No I didn't. If you watched the little video, I just replaced the
> incandescent bulb with leds. I didn't expect them to work. If it's only a
> happy accident ... I don't really care. ;-)
> But I think you missed the point of the leds. Yes, they theoretically use
> less power. But one of the problems with our old cars is that the lights
> aren't very bright compared to modern cars we share the road with.
> The main benefit to leds is that they can be BRIGHT without melting the
> plastic around them. An added bonus is that they illuminate abruptly
> compared to the bulbs, making brake and turn signals more attention-getting
> when they come on. In my opinion these two things make the car safer,
> particularly at night. My house is about 8 miles from the first street
> light.
> Max

Yes I’m waiting to put LEDs in my Fastback to for the same reason you described safety. People now a days are so use to the bright lights they don’t even see the lights on my Fastback. A friend of mine who is a police officer got a complaint from a woman about my brake lights and turn signals claiming that I’m driving around town with none. I was at the school and he told about it and I thought crap how long had they been. I asked him to help me check them and we did and they worked but he said they sure are dim. I had new lenses and bulbs on the and everything worked but on a bright sunny day most people can’t see them because they are use to modern vehicles lights. I’ve nearly had folks run over me when I slow down to turn even though I give a signal like I should. I could care less how much power they use versus the old one as long as it works right and is not over loading everything.  I just want people to see when I’m stopping and turning in brood daylight. 

Dennis Stiefel 
72 Fastback FI MT
Rainsville AL

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