[T3] 73 square auto trans aux air regulator?

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sat Jan 28 17:08:57 PST 2023

Its Normal for them to start at normal idle speeds cold, with cold oil, warm
up and increase idle speed before the AAR closes and returns it to normal.
They never tracked perfectly but if you want it to close quicker, stick a
cheap 12 to 15V DC/DC converter in there, the element will hold up to that.


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I took mine apart a few years ago because it was stuck. It works , however
in colder temps say 45 degrees when I start the car the rpm is 850 RPM a few
minutes later just backing out of the garage the RPM is 1400 RPM and it
takes a while before it drops back down or closes.

 I removed the connector , you have to because if you just apply 12 volts to
the red wire in that connector it powers up the fuel pump. I did this to
check if it was first open and how long it took to close . It does close but
takes longer than what the specs call for. When I had it open to clean and
repair I even set the clock spring so it would have more tension. I would
say with 12 volts it takes well over a minute to close.

 I don't feel taking it apart again which is a pain will help. I thought of
finding a way to just add a toggle switch to the red wire so it can  heat it
so it closes. I also have a mechanical one that I got from Tram on Samba
that he cleaned and rebuilt and found the proper arm for the throttle return
spring since the one on the electric unit is part of the unit's base. From
what I recall these rely on oil temp and may take even longer to close.

 The main thing is I don't like placing the trans in gear at 1400 RPM. Or if
that's even a concern.
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