[T3] Types of Type 3s?

David Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Fri Jul 7 15:33:34 PDT 2023

I’ve been similarly puzzled by the numbering system which isn’t up to the normal German thoroughness, but I also have understood that the Notch was expected to give way to the Fastback. As they were both saloons, they deserved the same code and chassis numbers, I guess. 

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> On 7 Jul 2023, at 20:09, Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:
> Last night I was looking at the Wikipedia entry on VW Type 3s, and came 
> across the statement that VW intended the Fastback as a replacement for 
> the Notch, but public pressure kept the Notch in production. Does any of this 
> ring true?
> If it's true, then is it possible that this explains why VW introduced Notches 
> as Type 31s, then the Ghias as Type 34s (taking a hint from Type 14s), then 
> came Variants/Squares as Type 36s (working their way up the numerical 
> ladder), but, then, in 1966, they backtracked and introduced the Fasty as 
> another Type 31.
> So is it likely that this double use of 31 was due to the expectation that 
> Fastys would replace Notches? But once both were in simultaneous 
> production, it was too late to fix this.
> The Germans always seem so logical, so it's always been a mystery to me 
> that they reused Type 31 for Fastys instead of designating them Type 38s!
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