[T3] Back on the road

Jeff Palmer w.jeff.palmer at icloud.com
Sun May 14 20:25:50 PDT 2023

Happy to announce that 1969 Volkswagen Type III notchback serial no 319075645 is back on the road!

I found it in a field in about 2002 outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  I have been told that it had been driven up until that summer when it broke down and was abandoned.  

I towed it back to Winnipeg, Manitoba and got it running (I am not very mechanical - prefer driving to fixing!) It ran for a few years until a knocking from the motor emerged, we bought a house, had kids, and on and on.  We moved last year and it was time to get it running or release it.

I managed to find a gent in my local club who was willing to take it on.  It’s rusty, and the front fenders are in rough shape.  But we got it running and I licensed it this weekend.  Had a nice little ride this evening.  Not sure it will ever get fully restored, but getting everything working properly is important.  

The gland nut had loosened, resulting in ‘knocking,’ and mice ate through the wiring in the engine compartment.  My mechanic friend is an IT guy for the school division so was pretty comfortable putting the ECU back together.  

So the first of many questions:  does this car have high beams?  Electrics seem generally corroded and will need lots of attention.

85 Westfalia GL
69 Type III notchback
19 Golf Alltrack

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