[T3] Tires for Type 3s?

Sean Bartnik sjbartnik at mac.com
Thu May 18 08:26:16 PDT 2023

I don’t think I’d describe the tread as a mud/snow type but it is “vintage” in appearance and reminds me of the dear departed XZX in that way. 

It does have a pretty low tread wear rating compared to some other tires but that’s partly what makes it a good-handling tire. That said, I put a set on just before my 9000 mile cross country trip and then another 10K+ miles so far after that and they still have plenty of tread left. 

I’m of the opinion that a high tread wear rating certainly makes for a longer lasting tire but it’s not so relevant if one only drives a few hundred or few thousand miles a year as the tires will age out before they wear out. I’d rather have the better handling and roadholding of a softer compound tire. 

The other thing to be aware of is that the Vred is marketed as a 3-season tire but for those that don’t drive in the winter that shouldn’t be an issue. 

A repro of the Michelin XZX is still available in our size from Coker Tire. My understanding is that Coker bought the molds from Michelin and the license to use the name but I don’t know where it’s made or if the quality is the same as when Michelin made it. 


> On May 18, 2023, at 11:11, Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:
> On 18 May 2023 at 9:51, Sean Bartnik wrote:
>> No experience with the Americus but donTMt forget about the Vredestein
>> Sprint Classic.
> I saw those on Jessica & Daniel's '69 and wasn't impressed. The tread was 
> more of a mud/snow tire than anything else and I believe they had worn 
> about half way down in very few miles. Correct me if I'm wrong about this.
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