[T3] Rust & Mouse Proofing

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Thu May 18 17:51:24 PDT 2023

Never tried this,  bounce drier sheets seem to work against the mice, but
those are not bulletproof.
The 20W50 is great undercoating but does need re-application every fall, or
at least a touch up.  I suspect
Some of the professional products are better so long as  they are oil based
and can seep into the crusty rust, encapsulants
Or things that cover it up like rubberized undercoating just trap the
inevitable salt that does get in.

And the oil application not only makes an ungodly mess, the applicator also
needs 2 showers afterward!


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I know you have your own rustproofing routine, but here's a company that
makes some special rustproofing products that can also be bought with an
anti-mouse ingredient.

Have you heard of these guys? They make rustproofing, here:


and mouseproofing/rustproofing, here:


I wonder if this stuff also works against larger rodents.

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