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 John, didn't Sophy go up Pikes Peak too?Bob 65 Notch S w/Sunroof
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Just for grins...since I was reliving all of the trips to the Invasions...I went back and looked at the number of miles I have driven Sophy to and from the 10 different Invasions.


This is according to Google maps with Dearborn, MI as the starting point for each of them. This does not include the cruises to the Grand Canyon or the Redwoods or Watkins Glen or the VW Factory or local cruising during the Invasions. Those probably add another 1000-1500 miles. It does include the 1300 or so miles that she was towed on the trip out to CA for the 2022 Invasion. <G>

3984 miles 2002 - Parma, ID
976 miles 2004 - Hershey, PA
4902 miles 2006 - Myrtle Creek, OR
60 miles 2008 - Ypsilanti, MI
1590 miles 2010 - Carthage, MO
2666 miles 2012 - Colorado Springs, CO
864 miles 2014 - Fairport, NY (plus Jill's Ghia)
4050 miles 2016 - Prescott Valley, AZ (plus Jill's Ghia)
1330 miles 2018 - Scottsboro, AL (plus Jill's Ghia)
4986 miles 2022 - Crescent City, CA

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