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Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Mon Dec 6 13:59:59 PST 2010

Have you done a check on the battery voltage itself - engine off? 

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Answering to several postings....

-  Will put on the thermals for the weather and check the rest of my
collection of Voltage Regulators tomorrow....not all Bosch, a couple are
Japanese.    Then, if none give readings above 14.00 v...off to find where
the heck to get a new one.   Anyone here have them in case there's no local

-   Are the ones that get only 10.30 v readings useful to  anyone? Recycle
time? Turn them into art or jewelery?

-  Will try to make it out a a friend's auto shop to borrow Fuel Pressure
Gauge...which he never uses any more.  Will make sure pressure is where it
ought to be...and stays steady.

- Spark plugs pretty new, and they look ok. Not dripping oil or anything.

- I'm sure I saved Jim Adney's charging system FAQ.  Will check and do what
it says...again, probably.

 Will update as soon as tasks completed.

PS---   Re/ bumpers and chrome, remember that Bronze Wool is the way to go
to clean chrome. It won't scratch. Old credit cards do some good work too.
   Try Marine Supply shops, if any in your area, to get bronze wool.  Boats
don't like rust. Boat people use bronze wool.  

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