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I guess you know I'm by no means a winter driving expert.  But when I had my
first encounter with the "winter tire purchase season" I just went to my
FLAPS (Western Auto back then) and got me the best
lookingsnowgrippingandbestprofilelooking they had on their racks for a '69
Toyota Corona.  Being 20 and with no experience whatsoever driving in such
conditions I had to rely on those guys (different from nowadays) to make my
choice.  First of all, I don't remember ever seeing a '69 Toyota Corona 1900
and forget about driving it in the snow!  My first encounter with "black
ice" is still branded in my mind and luckily not in my body.  I'm pretty
sure you can pick a nice looking set of tires, that look like they have
great grip and that are flexible enough to yield to your road conditions and
keep you out the ditch.  Just saying, if I could w/o any experience it
could've been luck, but you have experience and that's that hand that beats
them all.  I had no search engine back then and still managed to go through
four winters in MO with no experience.  Hey, no snow here in PR. My 2

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On 18 Dec 2010 at 9:40, Russ W wrote:

> Have not seen a posting on the list since the 14th.

Yeah, it's been really quiet. We had about 8" of snow a week or so 
ago, so I got to exercise our snow blower. It started right up in 
spite of getting absolutely no attention from me since last year.

It's been cold and grey here since then, for the most part, but 
today's a bit sunny (but still cold.)

FYI: cold HERE means -10 to +15.

As an automotive aside, can anyone recommend a web site that has 
really good data on tire & wheel dimensions? I'd like to find a 
better size for winter tires for our new Jetta. Wide and flat may be 
trendy, but they're NOT good on snow or ice. Tirerack.com has good 
data, but it's hard to get comparisons, and their web site doesn't 
want to let me try a 15" wheel on the Jetta. 16" is standard, but I'm 
pretty sure there's plenty of room to do a -1" over those brakes.

Turns out that what I need is a good search engine that lets me cull 
thru different wheel sizes/widths/offsets/bolt patterns. A 195/70R15 
snow tire will have the same diameter as my stock 205/55R16s, so all 
I have to do is find a wheel that will fit that tire and my car and 
I'm set. Tire Rack doesn't seem to show any of that info on their 

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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