[T3] Update on my early Notch in the Shop!!! Early notch issues?

William McInerney billymac53 at msn.com
Mon Dec 20 10:49:56 PST 2010

Ok everyone,
Looks like I made a great decision on picking the mechanic I trust to work on my 62 Notch. I have Cerebral Palsy(very limited use of my right side, actually have mechanical restrictions on my Driver license....says I need a knob on the wheel and a left footed gas pedal...ha...adapt and overcome...DRIVING STICK!!!) cant use my Right side much and it is just easier to get them to work on it, until I am comfortable with aircooled...give me a MK1 or MK2 and I will have no problem doing routine maintance. It has been in the shop (well, at the shop) since 12/7 and according to what I heard Friday...thats a good thing. The mechanic has some very good contacts locally that I am unaware of and he kept it that way but being very cool about it. If I recall correctly he said they were in lower Delaware. Anyways, 
to the good news and not so great news. He is very aware of the rarity of this car and completely has the utmost respect for it's desire need to remain stock and only use factory parts when available...even if parts take time to find. Mr. Fischer (who used to own the shop but retired and gave the business to his longest employeed mechanic Sam Patterson) stopped by one day and could not believe that he was looking at a 62 Notchback in that condition in the shop. He was floored with excitement saying this car doesnt belong in the States and it is a pleasure to have it in the shop, which makes me feel good that people appreciate this car as much as I do. Fischer used to work in Wolfsburg until he came to the states in the 60s or 70s, I believe...not exactly sure when he came over. The mechanic, Dave, is so happy that he is playing a part in the preservation of my Notch. I would be on Samba tring to get the parts that most recently showed up for the earlys, but it seems Dave has the part location under control. He has went over the car with a fine toothed comb and has made all necessary tid bit fixes that I really appreciate, like lubing the trunk release on the door pillar as it stuck often. He also mentioned tat the car had the orignal fan belt and saved it out of shock!! They pull my car into the bay every night and he felt really bad that it was in the snow on Friday when I showeed up to check the status. Delaware got about an inch and it was during the day when the bays are full. I mentioned it, but obviously knew they needed the workspace and I really didnt care. 
***Danger****Dave said that during the tuneup/valve adjustment...the valves were 6MM (Really!!!) out of adjustment!!! Can you believe that. I mentioned before that this is my first aircooled VW, right? During driving I knew that it was not making healthy noises (every once in a while during accel at about 2-3k rpm the whole backend would shake and KA-KA-KA-KA for a about 3 seconds until I steaded the gas. I knew it needed a VW Pro and a tune up, but I could have done some real damage huh? I thought it was me and how I drive stick...it does take a little bit of footwork on my part!!
Anyways Dave did the following,
1. He was able to find NOS front brake shoes.
2. He was able to find a NOS fuel pump, trying to stay as close as correct for my 1962. He will try and use the old one whereever possible to keep it looking period correct. He said something about the diaphram or something, the white top piece...i believe? I wasn't able to get a pic of my fuel pump when I was there as it was snowing and I didnt have picture taker.
3. Nos Wheel Bearing and felt seal
4. Tie rod ends....He informed me that there was a prior retro fitting done that I was unaware of and he is just going to keep what is on there. Apparently it has Type 1 tie rods, straight ones, not an angled left. He said it's ok, but the tierod ends will wear prematurely as there is more stress applied, but it will correctly steer the car. I am not happy about this, so when I have some extra money I need to get the correct set of tie rods. He said my tie rods were so bad he doesnt even want to test drive it after doing the plugs, points cap and rotor!!! I am glad they didn't snap on me.
5. Almost has final answer on NOS Single Sidedraft Carb Rebiuld kit. I told him bout CB Performance, but he would rather wait for the NOS kit if the guy is willing to part with it, or sell parts from the NOS Solex PHN-1( rare right?) that he has on a self just sitting there for a possible future project.
6. I told them when I dropped it off that I was missing the heater boxes...I know the early ones are hard to find. Well, good news, I was looking at the technical manual heater section(Henry Elfrink-author) incorrectly. I have the heater boxes(Yeahhh), but I am missing the rubber heater bellows, not the boxes. Dave said there might be some laying around, but do they need to be T3 Specific or any rubber bellow will work???? I guess they connect the boxes to the channels? Not sure. I thought I was missing the boxes as I look under the car at the pass rear wheel and saw an empty approx 2ft space and open piping on eithier side and it looked like the back side was lower than the front side and the boxes hasd that type of shape. Anyways...I was wromg...THANK GOD!!!
All parts should be there today or tomorrow, other than the NOS Carb Rebuild kit....which we are still waiting on the helpout/favor part request.
Any input would be great you guys are awesome. Any Delaware Type 3 owners on the list???? Anybody within 25 miles or so???
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> Subject: Re: [T3] How much Money?? Early notch issues?
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> jadney at vwtype3.org writes:
> I have no idea how much this might cost, as I have done all my own 
> work for the last few decades. My main advice would be to make SURE 
> that you get ALL your old parts back, especially the carb parts and 
> the old fuel pump. If those are OE parts, they may be irreplacable.
> Aftermarket parts may be available, but they are often greatly 
> inferior to what you already had. It's a tragedy when you discover 
> that your good parts disappeared into the trash a few weeks or months 
> ago. This may be true of any needles and jets for the carbs and the 
> fuel pump body may be an early Type 3 part only, that can be rebuilt 
> by the right person but never correctly replaced.
> Absolutely correct. I too have been doing my own work since the late 70's, 
> and can confirm what Jim said, especially with the early 1500 Type 3s. 
> Listen to what GizmoBob is telling you, as he has a line on the early stuff 
> being a member of the 1500 Club. Some of those parts ARE irreplaceable !! And 
> some are most definitely rebuildable. There's also a guy in PA that sells 
> NOS front brake shoes on the Samba that you might want to contact. I'd have 
> got them myself, but they're for an earlier car than I have (wrong size 
> shoes). Also, like Jim mentioned, the carb kits that are available today might 
> not have the best parts in them, requiring the use of your old ones to 
> actually work. Just my 2 cents. 
> Bob 65 Notch S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
> 71 Notch (Krunchy)
> 64 T-34 Ghia (Wolfie)
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