[T3] fuel pump problem

David rdavid at rochester.rr.com
Sat Dec 25 20:49:30 PST 2010

[[[If I reach underneath, and tap it with a hammer, then it will run.]]]

VW did alot of good things designing our T3's, but when it came to location
and fitment of the fuel pump and it's gas lines; OUCH! What a pain for the
do-it-yourselfer on your backside looking up!

Can you imagine how nice it would be if a engineer installed a fuel pump
with today's technology; In the tank fuel pump (located where the sending
unit is) TOTALLY accessible from above, from inside the trunk! You couldn't
ask for a more convenient location.....not even a need to remove the gas

Dave Pallo
'72 Square ~ "Elwood"
Fairport, NY

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