[T3] 73 fastback

Steve Curtis stevecurtis at madisonville.com
Thu Dec 30 18:13:19 PST 2010

i have been reading this list for several months and am impressed with the knowledge and helpfullness. i need some advice.
i am a long time (40 years) beetle guy and last year a person gave me a 73 fastback. i am trying to decide what to do with it. it is a little rusty, but no dents or apparent damage. i don't have a title, but it would not be a problem to get. what is holding me back on restoring this car is something that i see talked about quite a bit on this forum. this car has been converted to a carburator and it appears that all the FI stuff was removed. if i have to purchase, scroung, all the FI parts about, ball park, what should i expect to pay. the car was last licensed in 89 and has 34000 miles on it. i pulled the valve covers and it is about as clean a moter as i have seen. 

i seem to have several options. restore it, get rid of it, or put another carb on it. (it is missing) 

what i really would like to do it visit a running 73 and talk to the owner and take a bunch of pictures. 

does anyone know of a 73 type 3 in the area of west kentucky>

Steve Curtis
stevecurtis at madisonville.com
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