[T3] Any San Diegans

Russ W russw at classicvw.org
Thu Oct 28 16:38:02 PDT 2010

On 10/28/2010 3:25 AM, Marklist wrote:
> I went to the junkyards today and there wasn't a single T3.  It seems to
> me that until a couple of years ago there was always one or two even if
> they were picked over.
> Anyway.
> If someone sees one there how about posting it to the list?  I'll do the
> same.

Here in the midwest, even the bugs are gone from the salvage yards.  The 
space in the yards was too valuable, back in the early 90's so they were 
I still keep my eyes out, behind barns, and back in fields.  I think I 
found about 5 VW's in a field about 10 miles from me.  I have to find 
out who the owner is.

Russ Wolfe
russw at classicvw.org

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