[T3] Any San Diegans

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Fri Oct 29 09:17:39 PDT 2010

Yeah, the pickens have been slim since the 'yards had to
make room for all the gov't sponsored buy back program.
Their still bringing out lot's of cars from that program
and just crushing all the "collectible" ones. Every once
in a while you get lucky. Even the T1's are not showing
up as much as they used to.

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> > I went to the junkyards today and there wasn't a
> single T3.  It seems to 
> > me that until a couple of years ago there was always
> one or two even if 
> > they were picked over.
> Like Russ said, they stopped showing up around here more
> than 20 
> years ago. The last one I remember seeing was actually a
> Type 4 
> squareback that I had maintained. I knew the owner and I
> knew the 
> car. It was in good shape and I would have bought the whole
> car if I 
> had a place to put it. It was a real downer to see it go
> like that.
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