[T3] Mysteries and FI Parts

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> Subject: Re: [T3] Mysteries and FI Parts

I won't re-copy the whole long saga...but a lot of this sounds quite like my "Endless Fuel Problems", now apparently ended, of not too long ago.  (FI Std. 72 engine)

 It's hard to be sure which, of many "fixes", fixed the problems (lurching at low end of gears, gas smell, odd idling, stalling, no start, gas in engine oil, etc etc.) but it SEEMS that, indeed, a mechanic's advice to change the Control Unit did the big trick. The final trick, anyway.    

 But that was after many months of scrupulously fixing wires with solder and those shrink sleeves, really checking the contacts, testing and changing injectors, using the best VR in the collection, good luck with a good Dist Cap, adjusting fuel pressure, good luck with a working Pressure Regulator, good luck with Temp Sensors, disconnecting wire and plugging hose to Cold Start Switch, and I forget what else.

So...a question is...how to tell if a Control Unit is good or bad?  Was it just one of the many connection points....or was it something in the circuit board?  Dirt?   Salt?  Or what?   Is it a case of Your CU MUST be tightly sealed, or else?   Could THIS mystery be solved at the Control Unit?  Or, how to eliminate it as a problem?

PS:  Combing auto and electric stores In Philadelphia, cannot find any more of those plastic shrink-wrap tubes to use to cover soldered wire splices.   They are 1000 times better than electric tape.  Where to find?

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