[T3] Oooh that Smell!

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 19:16:53 PST 2011

It might be getting in at the back of the main heat exchangers.  The end
clamp on the shrouding can cover a hole and be hard to spot until you poke
it.  A small hole there might be directing the fumes away from the heat
exchanger until the air-flow changes.

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Well im in my last days driving the square and using the engine heat Im
getting an exaust smell.  The muffler and connections look and sound tight
BUT, its odd. I only get the smell when the heat is on and ONLY when making
a turn.  Not a turn in the roadway but at intersections, eather right or
left turn I feel a breeze across the face and I smell it. but not when
starting up  straight.

The seals in the car are all tight, its just odd WHEN I get it, driving
along I seldom smell anything.



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